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December Spotlight: Area Rugs

In need of a perfect way to tie a room together and define a space?  If so, we have the simplest of solutions… area rugs!


Sale! If this post is making its way to your computer screen you need to come visit. Studio Home is having a mighty great sale. Showroom stocked items are 15% off. In need of a customized sofa, chair, table? There is 10% off custom orders. We are very selective of the brands we sell. The quality and character surpasses that of a traditional furniture store. We have edge and reserve what ever your style may be.

Studio Home Holiday Gift Guide

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. It’s just now feeling like fall, and I’m still in denial about needing a jacket every time I step outside. I barely felt like it was time for Halloween, let alone gorging myself with Turkey. Which I am excited about. Anywho, I’ll spare you my circadian weather problems and get to our latest adventure, Christmas. Ah yes, Christmas, time to start thinking about your list. And listening to 500 versions of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. We literally just turned on the Christmas radio, and you would never guess what song was playing.

10 Cozy Must Haves For A Warm Winter

Plans to light a fire in the fire pit may start to reason with you. The leaves are slowly changing and falling to the ground. Your olfactory subconscious is searching for the scent of pine, cinnamon, or maybe apple. Images of plaid are pasted in your mind, and the wool throw that Target commercial is trying to sell to you doesn’t sound so bad.

Designing Outdoor Spaces

You may find it a little strange or perhaps a little late to be talking about outdoor spaces, but August is the perfect time. While the kids are cashing in their last tickets for lazy days by the pool, the earth has decided to take a shift away from the sun, to revive the nostalgic days of spring. Everything feels new again, and the air is just right for sitting outside with a book or enjoying the fire pit in the evening.

Expert Design: Creating A Well-Edited House

As designers, we know how to create beautiful, custom spaces. No matter what colors, furnishings and accessories you choose, there should be one goal in mind: creating a well-edited house. A well-edited house has a perfect, but seemingly effortless, balance of furnishings and color.

Do You Love Sales?

We do. And we couldn’t be more excited for Friday. Sure, all Fridays are fabulous but THIS Friday marks our Third Annual Spring Sale. It’s our biggest sale event of the year, and everything in the showroom will be marked down. We look forward to our Annual Spring Sale because it’s the perfect time for our clients to “finish” their spaces. Even after we’ve gone in and done the dirty—and extremely stylish—work, there might be a piece or two they wish they’d nabbed. Sometimes, after settling in, you say “it would be even better if I had ______”.

Refreshing Our Collection: Amazing Market Finds

Well, we lived to tell the tale. After a grueling and awesome trip to market, we’re back and ready to expand our collection with some new and eclectic finds. We were excited to see what this year’s trip to market would bring, and let’s just say we were not disappointed. All of our eyes were wandering in different directions, but there were a few things that wowed us all. Some of our favorite pieces included big, bold floral prints from Natural Curiosities, Native American Kinney and Hall Lithographs, and the new Thomas O’Brien collection at Century Furniture.

Refreshing Our Collection: Off To Market We Go

We’re heading to market tomorrow and it’s kind of a big deal. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year. We attend a huge showcase and bring back the latest and greatest finds to add to our showroom—and your homes.

Reflections: Brightening Your Space With Silver

  If you’re looking to add a luxurious feel to your space, metallic finishes are your friends. And while gold is always opulent, silver accents lend an effortlessly elegant vibe to any room.

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