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Space enthusiasts acting as a team…

16 years before we printed the name Studio HOME on our business cards in 2008 we knew it was what we wanted to do. We’re a dimensional team of space enthusiasts with a knack for finding a compromise between form and function. Like a marriage of art and purpose. Creating atmospheres that spark conversation, sooth and solidify the space that you call home.

We work as a team, balancing everyone’s strengths and steering clear of formulaic design.



lead designer


Aaron Dolan is co-owner of Studio Home, Inc. Aaron graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia majoring in Architectural Studies with an emphasis in Interior Design.

“For fifteen years I had the privilege to work beside very creative and capable people who trained me from the ground up. I will always be grateful for the experience along with a formal education in design.

The great leap for Jon Trigg and myself was to establish our own business and finally put to use all the knowledge we had acquired. In 2008, Studio Home was born. Our goal is to create and mold spaces that are conducive to our client’s well-being. Retreats, tailored to our client’s taste, residential and commercial.

We run the gamut: exceptional custom framing, a retail space that gives our clients a sense of our abilities, unique objects of art for the drop in customer, to fully designing a residence or business interior. We will even source art for our clients. As the old adage states, ‘be careful what you wish for, you may get it’, has happened. So we welcome you to our Studio Home and please feel at home.”


lead designer


Jon Trigg is co-owner of Studio Home, Inc. Jon studied architecture before pursuing a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Missouri.

“I’ve always loved houses and rooms. I started working in building trades and construction when I was young. I enjoy taking an existing space and making it more functional. I find the problem-solving aspect of design rewarding. My appreciation for art surpasses that of architecture. For years, I worked as a studio artist with my favorite medium, clay.

I still create art, though not quite in the same way, through framing the work of others and hunting for cast off interior objects to resuscitate. Really, in all my roles at Studio Home, I simply present things in a new way, out of their original place, problem solving for an angle to give a room, art, or object new life.”



project manager


Chris Gilland joined our team January 2014. Chris has held a variety of different careers from working in the jewelry business to managing a Walmart and Sam’s Club.

“As project manager, I handle the warehouse and the business operations of Studio Home. I do everything from ordering and tracking materials and products for clients, to inspecting deliveries and scheduling and assisting with installations. I also make arrangements for repairs or maintenance work if needed. On the business side, I help log orders and communicate with vendors.

I love that my job allows me to interact with clients and get out into the community. I also enjoy the responsibility of taking on jobs from beginning to end. Seeing a project come together and a client happy is always so satisfying.”




administrative assistant


Megan Carter joined our team in May 2015. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia with a degree in Event Management.

“Being Studio Home’s Administrative Assistant, I really get to hone in on my organizing and planning skills. I have a vast background in the hospitality industry ranging from interning at the Isle of Capri Casino to working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Although my strongest abilities are coordinating and managing events, I found that these skills easily transferred over to the design industry.

The process it takes when designing a client’s home is very similar to coordinating an event. You have to be prepared, organized, and always make sure the client is satisfied. My role at Studio Home involves communicating with clients, scheduling appointments, organizing paperwork & documents, and preparing for client presentations. I never saw myself working for an interior design firm, but when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t have been happier. Studio Home is like a second family to me.”