If this post is making its way to your computer screen you need to come visit. Studio Home is having a mighty great sale. Showroom stocked items are 15% off. In need of a customized sofa, chair, table? There is 10% off custom orders.
We are very selective of the brands we sell. The quality and character surpasses that of a traditional furniture store. We have edge and reserve what ever your style may be.
Even if you’re not in the market for any furnishings or discussion pieces, there is a lot to look at and be inspired by.
There’s no reason to not stop in.

Here’s a small sampling of some one of a kind finds…

 Geodes 1 (1 of 1) (Medium)

Geodes (1 of 1) (Medium)

Accessories (1 of 1) (Medium)Kent Sofa (1 of 1) (Medium)

Plates (1 of 1) (Medium)
Horse Photo (1 of 1) (Medium)