I know, I know.. It sounds strange to feel inspired by Norway – a country that is feet under snow and colder than we are currently in the Midwest. (Thank you Artic for sharing your cold air, how can we ever thank you enough). But really guys, you have to take a moment to appreciate a culture out of your own. So today’s spot light.. duntadaha…… NORWAY!

Take a moment to peruse through our blog’s Pinterest page. The landscapes are breath taking, and the interiors are, well… simple. You’re probably thinking, whooptedoo , but really Nordic design is all about the drama. I mean drama like, texture and a monochromatic color scheme coming together and mashing like atom particles in the Hadron Collider. Nordic Design masters form and function, all while keeping it bright and happy. The balance of texture and contrast are key ingredients for a successful Nordic interior.

We all can take a little inspiration from such simple design, I searched our own resources for a little dash of Nordic, and came up with a few things. And so, I thought I would share a little Nordic inspiration. Enjoy!

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