In need of a perfect way to tie a room together and define a space?  If so, we have the simplest of solutions… area rugs!

Rugs are a functional and decorative piece in any room.

They act as a design anchor to your space, setting the mood for your personal interior expression.  Rugs visually define a space whether it’s to designate a conversation space, split up a large room or create a fun entertainment and lounging area. Accomplishing this through texture, color, and pattern.

Rug styles range anywhere from traditional oriental to contemporary and everything in between. There is a style for every personality. Rugs are made with a number of different fibers.  Wool is the most common fiber. You will notice other fibers such as nylon, cotton, viscose, or polypropylene, and even natural fibers such as sisal or jute.  Depending on where you would like to use the rug, the fibers used can be a friend or foe. For example, polypropylene fiber rugs are going to clean easily like carpet. Wool rugs clean well, but as a natural fiber, can still stain. Jute, on the other hand, just one animal accident and you are done. There are a wide range of benefits to using a rug whether it be to add color, coziness or soften an otherwise hard room to more functional uses such as protecting hardwood flooring in an entry, or adding a sound barrier.


The rugs we want to put in the spotlight this month are the vintage Turkish kilim rugs. They are one of a kind authentic antique rugs that feature high quality craftsmanship.  Kilims are different from pile rugs because they are produced through a flat weaving technique that combines various color wefts and warp wool threads. These rugs define a space and add a unique stylish flare to any room. Varying from bright vibrant colors to earth tones, ensure you are bound to find one that fits your taste. Another unique feature of the kilim rug is that it lends a global vibe that mixes well with any interior. Creating a personal touch since no one vintage rug is the same. 

Check out how we love kilim rugs by visiting our showroom, or get some inspiration through our Pinterest page.