I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. It’s just now feeling like fall, and I’m still in denial about needing a jacket every time I step outside. I barely felt like it was time for Halloween, let alone gorging myself with Turkey. Which I am excited about. Anywho, I’ll spare you my circadian weather problems and get to our latest adventure, Christmas.

Ah yes, Christmas, time to start thinking about your list. And listening to 500 versions of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. We literally just turned on the Christmas radio, and you would never guess what song was playing. We’re off to a strong start! But yes, Christmas Lists.

At Studio Home, we understand, we’re notorious for high-end, high-ticket items. But once you look past the $2,000 Ralph Lauren spotlight floor lamp, there are items here for all styles and budgets.

For our Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve curated a list of items that fall into four different budget categories: $20 and under, $50 and under, $100 and under and $150 and under. Here are the highlights:

$20 and Under



Highlighted: Mirror boxes, holiday matchboxes, small compasses, mini magnifying glasses, and journals & trays

$50 and Under



Highlighted: Laura Zinfandel Plates (she has a whole collection of items to be seen), Votivo candles, small kilim pillows, picture frames, walnut nutcrackers, reed diffusers, Penguin doorstops, and an Eye of Time table top clock

$100 and Under



Highlighted: Desk set, stone flower tray, Jack Russell Terrier, architectural pieces, kilim lumbar pillow, dragon’s eye scope, and an officer’s spyglass

$150 and Under



Highlighted: Cozy throw, set of three animal head glasses, floral vase, treasure box, blue and white porcelain pieces, and of course, the wonderful Ms. Helen.


This is a select sampling and there’s more to be found. We also have items to help bring holiday cheer to your home.

Come see us tonight at our Open House event and fundraiser! If you can’t make it, stop by this weekend and enjoy 15% off all regularly priced items!