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If you’re looking to add a luxurious feel to your space, metallic finishes are your friends. And while gold is always opulent, silver accents lend an effortlessly elegant vibe to any room.

Already crazy about your current color scheme? No problem. This might be news to you, but it’s good news: Metallics are neutrals. Silver will add a chic, icy flavor to cooler color schemes and a really refreshing luminosity to warmer ones.

Silver accents can also add impact by visually disrupting an existing design theme. Maybe you’ve fully committed to an industrial-style living room. Pure, bright silver tones will contrast with natural, more matte finishes to create a sophisticated, and eclectic vibe.

For a rich (and instant) refresh, try adding touches of silver in unexpected places. Think hand-beaded accent pillows or even a bright silver vase. Another simple way to add silvery light and luxury is by incorporating mirrors.

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If you’re wishing you could expand your walls, look no further than mirrors. Think of them as decorative windows. A beautiful mirror will bring light into an otherwise dreary room. Large closets, entryways, and even laundry rooms can be enlivened with a few strategically placed mirrors. You can even use mirrors to highlight other design elements and details.

They’re like living pieces of art. Consider this: Maybe you have an artfully laid out gallery wall or a stunning piece of original artwork. Hanging a large mirror on an adjacent wall can double the visual impact of the opposite wall. Anything you place on the opposite wall will be beautifully reflected inside the frame of the opposing mirror.

Speaking of reflections, you can also use your metallic pieces to enhance natural sunlight. Think about placing a mirror near a large window to maximize the light and open up the whole area. The same principle also applies to smaller objects. Just place them carefully near other light sources.

With all this talk of silvery surfaces, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re already planning your “attack” to update your space. That said, it’s certainly possible to go overboard. You’re going for inviting glamour, not Miami nightclub. To avoid overload, take care not to place too many metallic objects together.

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Keep it tasteful by sticking to smaller accent pieces like the toss pillows or vases we mentioned earlier. Tabletop picture frames and sculptures will also blend seamlessly into your existing collection.

Have a shiny day!