As designers, we know how to create beautiful, custom spaces. No matter what colors, furnishings and accessories you choose, there should be one goal in mind: creating a well-edited house. A well-edited house has a perfect, but seemingly effortless, balance of furnishings and color.

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Imagine that you’re the curator of a famous museum. At the end of every day, week and year you have new pieces to choose from. And with a few carefully chosen pieces, you have to create an interesting, attractive and harmonious display.

In this case you’re still the curator, but the museum is your home. As homeowners, we tend to accumulate things. Your collection lives, grows and evolves with you; prints from your Peruvian honeymoon, vintage frames and beautiful bedding. But without a careful and discerning eye, your home could become more “hoarder” and less “haute” as time passes.

It may sound cliché, but don’t be afraid to get rid of things, or at least to put them in storage. Even if you have a lifetime’s worth of beautiful pieces, the keys to a well-edited house are organization and simplicity. It’s about bringing your personality and unique tastes into your space—without overwhelming it.

Living room design | Interior design Columbia Mo | Studio Home Interiors


Think about your favorite pieces and how to complement them. You can display that family photo from the beach and those cool artisan wire sculptures, but prioritize. Try to limit tabletop pieces to three or four. We are talking about simplicity, and it is still a functional side table—not a clutter holder.

The best way to avoid clutter is to approach trends carefully. If you’re the type who likes to purchase the new “thing” every season, you’re going to end up with a lot of things. Be selective, and even experimental, but know that timelessness can be hard to achieve when you’re swayed by the trends of the season.

At Studio Home, we usually only incorporate trends when they’re specifically requested. Sometimes there are trends that perfectly suit our client’s style, and we’ll add those into the mix. For example, choosing casual entertaining spaces over formal ones is a hot trend right now, so we’ve been using more sectional sofas. They’re perfect for easy entertaining because they seat more people, and allow for freer lounging. The trends we try to avoid are “flavors of the week”.

Living room design | Interior design Columbia Mo | Studio Home Interiors


If you need a crash course, stop by our showroom. You’ll leave ready to edit your way to a flawless space.