Plans to light a fire in the fire pit may start to reason with you. The leaves are slowly changing and falling to the ground. Your olfactory subconscious is searching for the scent of pine, cinnamon, or maybe apple. Images of plaid are pasted in your mind, and the wool throw that Target commercial is trying to sell to you doesn’t sound so bad.

You can’t keep from thinking; “Well hello fall, old friend. When did you get here?” And so, let me do the honors of saying that it is officially time to think cozy. Instead of Target though, maybe you should think local. You know, like that little design shop on the corner that always has those intriguing one-of-a-kind items that spark your imagination.

It’s time to treat yourself to some cozy Studio Home style. We’ve got you covered. Here are our top ten fall to winter time favorites.

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1. Throws. They keep you warm while adding texture and pattern to your space.

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2. Plush Furnishings. There’s nothing like curling up on a soft sofa and watching movies with your throw, and your family or friends.

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3. Warm Accents. Accessories give your home character. They are the pearls of your table tops. Show them a little love.

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4. Indoor Plants. With all the brown and variation of the color happening outside. Your interiors are begging for a little green whether it be real or fake. At this time of year, green is good.

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5. Animal. A hair on hide pillow, a ceramic statue, a fur throw. Animals make the warmest statements.

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6. Light. With all the dull grey a beautiful lamp can really lighten up the gloom of a wintery day.

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7. Warm Pillows. Kilim anyone? Color, warmth, weight oh my!

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8. Candles. With all the cold it’s nice to light something on fire. With a pleasant scent in return a candle is a real winter giver.

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9. Plaid. Winter and plaid go hand in hand. Where there’s winter there will be plaid.

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10. Something Fresh. The trees have shut down business for winter break. Now is the time to bring a little happy shine to your interior.

These are just a few of our favorite things. There’s more to be told, what are yours? Please do tell!